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Taqwa Islamic Center has been serving the community in Bay Area for 25 plus years helping families & kids with unique Hifdh School program in collaboration with Home Schooling, Tafseer Programs & Islamic Education . Mashallah, our kids are prepared for achieving success in this World and Hereafter. We believe the values Islam teaches us are not only compatible with positive American values but are the foundation for a balanced life. Spirituality, knowledge, justice, service, compassion, respect and brotherhood are all building blocks of a strong and loving community. We welcome one and all to learn more about what we believe in and what the Islamic Center has to offer.

Pillars Of Islam


Shahada is a declaration of faith and trust that professes that there is only one God (Allah) and that Muhammad is God's messenger.


Salah (ṣalāh) is the Islamic prayer. Salah consists of five daily prayers according to the Sunna; the names are according to the prayer times: Fajr (dawn), Dhuhr (noon), ʿAṣr (afternoon), Maghrib (evening), and ʿIshāʾ (night).


Zakat or alms-giving is the practice of charitable giving based on accumulated wealth.


The Hajj is a pilgrimage that occurs during the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah to the holy city of Mecca.


Three types of fasting (Siyam) are recognized by the Quran: Ritual fasting,[15] fasting as compensation for repentance (both from sura Al-Baqara), and ascetic fasting (from Al-Ahzab).

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Quran Class

Timing : 08:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M


Timing : 08:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M

Nikah Services

Timing : 08:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M

Hadith School

Timing : 08:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M

Funeral Services

Timing : 08:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M


Timing : 08:00 A.M - 05:00 P.M

Remember Your GOD

Weekely Programs For Tafseer ul Quran

Tafseer ul Quran is a dynamic, growing initiative, devoted to bringing light of the Quran more fully into live of Muslims globally. Tafseer ul Quran has been one of most helpful and effective procedure that assists Muslims all around the world about teachings of Quran and about Islam. Tafseer ul Quran in not only a Quran tutoring service, but in fact, it is a service of Quran reading academy expressing aim of helping all those who seek to acquire Quranic Knowledge.

Taqwa Islamic Center Memories

Noble Cause

“Whoever relieves his brother of a hardship from the hardships of this world, Allah shall relieve him of a hardship from the hardships of the Day of Judgment. And whoever makes things easy for a person in difficulty, Allah will ease for him in this world and the Next. Allah is forever aiding a slave so long as he is in the aid of his brother.” – The Prophet Mohammed.

May Allah bestow His kindness upon you, and reward you for helping to relieve the hardship of our brothers and sisters.

Donate towards Taqwa Islamic Center, help us reach our goal and help to educate as many as children’s as possible.

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Word of Mouth

My Kids go to Taqwa for Quran memorization, they are well trained and Alhamdulilah my kids are learning quick. We must help them to expand the school and help more childrens here in
Bay Area.

I come oftenly here to Pray Namaz, this Islamic center had faced a lot of difficulties, me and my family always help them to overcome these difficulties, I must appreciate they are stand still even after facing a lot of difficulties.

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